Top Tips For Using Aspire Vape Tanks

Aspire vape tanks are known for their high-quality construction and excellent performance, making them a popular choice for vapers of all levels. Whether new to vaping or a seasoned pro, these tips will help you get the most out of your Aspire tank.

Understand The Different Types Of  Vape Tanks:

Aspire offers a variety of vape tanks in vape shops, each with unique features and benefits. Understanding their differences is essential to choose the one that best suits your vaping needs. The Nautilus series is excellent for mouth-to-lung vaping, while the Cleito series is designed for direct lung hits. At the same time, the Revvo tank uses a flat coil design for improved flavour and vapour production.

Choose The Right Coil For Your Tank:

Choosing the suitable coil from a vape shop is one of the most critical factors in getting the most out of your vape tank. Different coils have different resistance levels, affecting the vapour and flavour produced. 

A higher resistance coil is recommended for mouth-to-lung vaping, while direct-to-lung hits require a lower resistance coil. Be sure to consider the coil’s material, such as stainless steel or kanthal, as this can also impact the vaping experience. Experiment with different coils to find the one that works best for you.

Prime Your Coils Before Use:

Before using your vape tank, it’s essential to prime your coils to ensure optimal performance and prevent dry hits. To do this, add a few drops of e-liquid onto the cotton wick of the coil and let it soak in for a few minutes. 

This will help prevent the coil from burning prematurely and ensure a smooth vaping experience. Additionally, start at a lower wattage and gradually increase it to avoid damaging the coil.

Adjust Your Airflow Settings:

One of the critical features of Aspire vape tanks is their adjustable airflow settings. By adjusting the airflow, you can customise your vaping experience. For beginners, starting with a tighter airflow is recommended to get a stronger throat hit and more flavour. 

Advanced users may prefer a more open airflow for more enormous clouds and a smoother draw. Experiment with different airflow settings to find what works best for you.

Clean Your Tank Regularly:

It’s essential to clean your vape tank regularly to ensure optimal performance and flavour. To clean your tank, disassemble it and rinse all parts with warm water. Use cotton swabs or a toothbrush to scrub stubborn residue. Let all parts dry completely before reassembling. It’s also recommended to clean your tank whenever you switch flavours to avoid mixing.

Best Aspire Vape Tanks:

Aspire vape tank K3 is a luxurious mouth-to-lung tank. The Nautilus BVC coils are used in the K3 Tank for longer atomiser life and more decadent flavours. Aside from the high-quality coils, the K3 Glassomiser boasts an acid-resistant Pyrex glass tank and an interchangeable 510 drip tip.

This fantastic glassomiser, like other Aspire tanks, has a unique design to offer mouth-to-lung vaping practically the same as sub-ohming. The K3 Glassomiser can convert any mid-power, 18mm diameter battery into a 5-star vape with slightly more adequate airflow and a slightly larger cloud area!

Second Best Vape Tank:

Like other Aspire vape tanks, this tank features a fresh, curving design with the latest mouth-to-lung 2ml tank. The Nautilus 2 has a pre-installed 1.8 BVC coil linked to the base airflow adjuster, allowing you to tune your vaping needs. 

A compact duct underrated airflow travel provides a more delightful savour adventure, conveying the most out of your dividend e-juice. Switchable coils and additional Nautilus tanks further personalise your vaping experience. The Nautilus 2 tank has two finishes: stainless steel and aluminium.

How Long Should Vape Tanks Be Expected To Last?

A clearomiser/tank with a non-replaceable coil head has one to four weeks of lifespan. (depending on the frequency of use and type of e-liquid used). After this time, the coil within will usually burn out and must be replaced. Vape tanks typically have 2ml or higher capacities.


The primary purpose of Aspire vape tanks is to allow liquid in the tank part to soak into the wick, which comes into contact with the coil. When you turn on your vape device, the coil heats up and vaporises the liquid in the wick. The tank then refills the wick with liquid, allowing you to continue the perfect vaping experience.