10 Hardest PvP Competitive Games Ever Made

Taking on real people is as much a test of nerve as it is of skill. These are the most difficult games you can play against other people right now.

There are many different kinds of challenges in different games. Some of the challenges you’ll face in games are quick-time events, big boss fights, and tricky puzzles. Though the behavior of other players is one of the most predictable and often the most difficult to predict.

Over the past few years, the number of people who play PvP games has grown. PvP experiences are now available in a wider range of game genres and play styles. There are a lot of different PvP games, and some are much harder than others. Here are some of the hardest PvP games, whether it’s because there are a lot of people playing or because the rules are hard to understand.


FIFA 23 person moving ball around opponent

The soccer game that everyone around the world thinks of when they think of sports. FIFA makes the genre look easy, but it might be harder to beat your friends in this game.

There are a lot of people who have spent hours and hours on this game, and you can tell when you play against them. Soccer may look like a simple game, but it takes a lot more skill than you might think. But, like any other sport, all you need is a little practice to start winning matches.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring knight from the game's front cover on their knees

Elden Ring takes the Soulsborne series to a whole new level, both in terms of its campaign and its PvP.

Not only do you have to fight monsters and bosses that can often kill you in just a few hits, but other Tarnished can also come into your game and challenge you whenever they want. This constant chance of being interrupted really keeps you on your toes and makes this game even more difficult.

Rocket League

Farmstead Cars Flying After Ball Rocket League Arena Ranked

Car soccer sounds like a lot of fun, and that’s exactly what Rocket League is all about. But don’t think you can just walk in and be the best.

In any match of this game, you can expect to bounce, dribble, drive, score goals, and crash into other cars. Some players seem to find this game easy to play now that it has been out for a while. If you play Rocket League against a pro, you won’t even be able to touch the ball, let alone win.


A screenshot depicting a scene in Smite of characters attacking near screen

Most gamers will have heard of, if not played, this MOBA game at some point in their lives. Since it came out, Smite has kept a lot of players interested, and it’s easy to see why.

Playing as one of a number of gods, each with their own skills and attacks, is a lot of fun, but it can be scary to go up against a team of more experienced players. There are a lot of little things you need to know to get good at this game, but if you put in the time, you should be a valuable member of your team.


Tekken 8 two players fighting

The Tekken series should be easy to recognize for anyone who has played a fighting game before. Head-to-head PvP games have been bringing in both old and new players for years.

There’s a reason why it’s been around since the time of arcade games and is still doing well. The one-on-one style of fighting games is a classic, and they have really gotten good at it without making many changes. When you log on, knowing that it’s just you and your opponent and that there will only be one winner, there’s a certain level of intensity.

Dota 2

Pudge from Dota 2 with trio of other characters in arena

Another big name in professional gaming and MOBA. Dota 2 is one of Valve’s most popular games that has shaken up the gaming world.

You can play as one of dozens of different heroes and fight against an opposing team in one of many arenas. There are a lot of skills, buffs, and attacks to learn and even more to master if you want to do well in this game. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun, though. With the right plan or team, it can be a lot of fun.

Hunt: Showdown

 A plague doctor attacking a character in Hunt: Showdown

A game that does a great job of mixing PvP and PvE. In Hunt: Showdown, you play as a hunter who has been hired to go into the Louisiana bayou, which has been taken over by evil forces.

Even though the swamp is full of monsters of all shapes and sizes, your fellow hunters are usually the real challenge. There are a lot of weapons and bonuses you can give your hunters to help them fight the darkness, but be careful, because your enemies have the same things.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege teams facing off against each other

This game is one of the newest in the long-running Tom Clancy series. In Siege, you and your team of counter-terrorist agents face off against another team in different game modes.

Knowing that each of your enemies is another player on the other side of the world with a wide range of weapons and skills can be both exciting and hard. The game is also pretty close to real life, since you only have so much health and die quickly when you get hurt. All of these things make the game hard, especially in ranked play.

Escape From Tarkov

Two players facing off in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov has both PvE and PvP combat, which has been appealing to players from the start. But Tarkov is not a game to be taken lightly.

8 Ball Pool game is hard to learn because it is based on loot and tries to be realistic. Not to mention that there could be an enemy player around any corner, and if they catch you off guard, you’ll be sent back to the starting screen without any of the stuff you brought with you.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A character in CS:GO holding a gun.

There’s a reason why CS:GO has been popular for so long. Even though it doesn’t look like much, it has completely changed the world of competitive multiplayer games.

Something about the game’s strategy and how easy it is to play keeps people coming back. It’s easy to get started, but hard to get good at, and skilled players who practice and think outside the box can win big prizes.