10 Best Moms and Dads In Nintendo Games, Ranked

Some of Nintendo’s best moms and dads are in these games.

Nintendo is one of the biggest and most successful companies in the video game industry. It has earned its place by changing the way kids grow up. From its first arcade games in the 1980s to its many home consoles in the 2000s, Nintendo has always been a favorite among kids. In a way, Nintendo has raised generations of gamers well.

In their many big franchises, there are even more great parents who help their kids through hard times or show them how to act right. Some parents have to make the best of hard situations, while others lose their kids too soon. Nintendo has a lot of well-liked parent characters, so here are the best ones.

Ness’ Father

Ness' Father calls him in Earthbound

In the Mother series, parents can be hard to understand, but Ness’s father does his best. He may not be around much or at all, but he works hard to support his family in any way he can. Ness can call his father on the phone to save his game, which is a cute way to show that he is telling his father about his adventures.

Ness’ Father is also a tribute to how hard people work in Japan. Japanese workers often work long hours and are tired, and many of them have to give up their personal lives for the job. Ness’s father’s love is shown by the fact that he can still come home for his son’s birthday and put money in his account.


5-Volt Warioware Gold

5-Volt is the mother of 9-Volt from the WarioWare games. She is a good person who wants to make sure her child goes to bed on time. Her methods might seem a little extreme, but she is definitely looking out for 9-Volt’s best interests. After all, sleep is very important.

5-Volt is also very cool with her son playing video games, as long as he does his homework first. She is a big gamer herself, and she has even beaten 9-Volt’s high score. The fact that they both like games makes them a great pair.


Greil Fire Emblem

Greil is the father of Ike and Mist in the Fire Emblem games. He is also called Gawain. He was a famous swordsman in his own right, and he taught his son Ike how to be good with a sword. When Greil touched a cursed medallion, he killed his own wife without knowing it.

Greil is a great father because he will do anything to protect his kids, especially Ike. He also makes sure he never picks up a sword again, and he tells Ike not to touch it because he knows it would make him crazy too. On his deathbed, he begs Ike not to get even with his killer and tells him to stay away.

Pokemon Mom

Pokemon Mom

Even though Pokemon has had a lot of different versions and styles over the years, the Mom has always played the same role. She helps the main character in any way she can on their way to becoming a successful Pokemon Trainer.

In some games, Mom will save a quarter of all battle winnings in a bank account that the player can use at any time. In other scenes, she can be seen cheering for her child in the Battle Hall. Nearly every game has the player and their Pokemon get better when they go home to see their mom.


Samus and The Baby

Samus Aran is a famous intergalactic bounty hunter from the Metroid games. She is also known for being a hero with a dark side. But since Metroid II, many people have also thought of her as a mother figure. In this game, Samus saves the life of a young Metroid, and the two of them form a very special bond.

Samus watches the baby Metroid come into the world, and as soon as it does, it sticks to her. Samus’s job is to kill all the remaining Metroids, but she can’t kill the creature that now thinks of her as its mother. She often calls it “the baby,” and their bond is so strong that the animal later gives its own life to save her. This makes Samus feel as sad as if she had lost her own child.

Animal Crossing Mom

Mom Letter ACNH

There are lots of cute and friendly characters in the Animal Crossing games, but none are as kind as the player’s mother. Mom will write to the player often, telling stories from her childhood and telling about her life at home. She will also send gifts on special occasions.

Mom never scolds her child for not answering because she knows how busy their lives have become. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, she will send players sweet homemade gifts they can’t get anywhere else. Dad might not reach out as much as he should, but Mom’s generous and unconditional love makes up for it.


Bowser Jr and Sr

Even though he’s the main bad guy in the Super Mario games, there’s no question that Bowser is a good father. In addition to his own son, Bowser Jr., he has a group of kids he adopted and named the Koopalings. Even though he is a bad guy, he always makes sure that his kids have all the love and support they need.

Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings each have their own castle that is decorated in a different way, and they are also free to follow their own dreams. “You have to let kids take chances” is Bowser’s main parenting rule.


Rosalina and the Lumas

Rosalina from the Super Mario series has a lot to do as the magical watcher of the Cosmos. But she still puts the safety of her adopted children, the Lumas, above everything else. Rosalina became their mother when she was very young and gave up her whole life on her home planet for them.

Rosalina was just a child when she met a lost Luma for the first time, but she agreed to help it find its mother. On their search, the two Lumas went all over the universe. Slowly, more Lumas joined them. Rosalina misses her home planet and her mother a lot, but she comes to realize that she belongs with the Lumas.


Hinawa Mother 3

Hinawa, Lucas’s mother, is another loving parent from the Mother movies. She is very kind and gentle, and she loves her two sons very much. She makes a warm, safe, and loving home for them. Hinawa was taken away from her boys way too soon, but she had a huge effect on the world.

Lucas’s softness is one of the things that make him stand out, and it’s clear that his mother helped him develop this trait. In his harsh world, this seems like a disadvantage at first. But as Happy Wheels game goes on, Lucas’s softness ends up being his best trait. Hinawa’s spirit also reaches out to Lucas’s brother Claus to bring him back to humanity when he is filled with emptiness and violence.

King Rhoam

King Rhoam Breath of the Wild

Many parents think it’s their job to protect their kids from hard truths. But the best parents know when to step back and let their kids take charge. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s King Rhoam accepts this idea with grace. Not only does he agree with Princess Zelda joining the fight against Calamity Ganon, but he also doesn’t think he’s better than he is.

He waits in spirit form for a hundred years to help Link get back into the world of Hyrule. He doesn’t complain about his job and only wants to help Link save Zelda and the realm. King Rhoam is the best parent Nintendo has ever made. He is humble, kind, and willing to give up everything to help his daughter.