How to Improve English Writing Skills Easily?

Do you wish to possess some amazing English writing skills? If yes, then this is possible. No doubt, every English proficiency assessment test takes a deep insight into your English writing skills to ensure that you can write your response well in the English language. If you are appearing for such a test. Then, you must definitely possess some excellent English writing skills to ace the writing section with incredible scores. 

We have some tips that can heighten your performance in the English writing section incredibly. Note that it is very interesting to elevate your English writing skills. If you think that writing is boring then, this is not the true fact. You can add your creativity amazingly to heighten your English writing skills extensively. 

With amazing English writing skills, you can also set a career in content writing as well. Therefore, the blog will also be helping you learn some effective strategies to improve your answer writing as well. 

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Elevate the Level of Your English Writing Skills with the Help of the Following Pointers:


Rewriting the content is also a skill that you must learn to develop your English writing skills. But for this, learn the basic sentence formation, gerunds, and infinitives. You can’t ace your English writing skills if you aren’t familiar with sentence formation. For sentence formation, you have to learn basic word order, basic grammar concepts, gerunds, infinitives, tenses, and vocabulary. 

Get a newspaper, choose an interesting article, and get a copy and a pen. Then, start rewriting the entire article but keep the essence of the article correctly. You have to change the pattern of each line of the article but have to maintain the sense of the lines as well. Day by day, practicing rewriting will help you ace your writing skills. You can also take help from online tools to correct your writing such as Grammarly etc. 


Gaining proficiency in the English language is not possible if you are neglecting English vocabulary. Without a good level of English vocabulary, you can’t expect yourself to excel in the English language. Therefore, work on improving your knowledge of the English language rigorously. 

To express your thoughts exactly, you have to make use of English vocabulary. It won’t sound good to express your thoughts in sentences if there is a proper word for that. Such as revealing the details secretly can be replaced with the word imparting. 

Make sure to depend on an official dictionary that sheds light on each meaning of the word profoundly. 

Be creative

To ace your English writing skills, you can also use a creative way, such as writing short stories, your daily activities, and things around you, and translating regional songs into the English language. There are incredible umpteen ways to level up your English writing skills extensively. 

To inspire you to write well, you can also make some changes to your study spot as well. Decorate it with amazing lights and sit peacefully to write down an incredible story or daily activities. 

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It is surely a good idea to spare a few seconds to write your answer. If you are appearing for the IELTS exam or any other English proficiency assessment test. Then, make sure to spare a few seconds before you write the essay-type question. In those few seconds, you have to create a picture of the entire essay such as your experiences and examples. Add the relevant information as adding anything irrelevant can get you a low score. This is essential if the question that you have received has a certain word limit. 

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We are pretty sure that these tips will level up your English writing skills to the greatest extent. Moreover, learn to stay humble and patient as learning English takes time. You will get acquainted with the proper application of some rules with the passage of time but keep moving on to learning the language.