10 Best Video Hosting Solutions For 2023

According to industry predictions, video alone will account for more than 82% of all internet traffic by 2021, making it one of the top marketing trends of the year. Nevertheless, video content is much heavier than text-based content and places a large strain on your website servers, which is an issue for your server.

Thus, a video hosting website or service is part of a modern content marketing strategy. You must be able to post and share high-quality movies with your audience without server lag or website failures.

Why You Need Video Hosting

Video hosting is necessary when you want to share videos online. Video hosting platforms provide you with the necessary infrastructure to upload, store, and share your videos on the internet. Without video hosting, you would not be able to share your videos with a large audience or have control over who can view them.

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Here are some reasons why you might need video hosting:

Content distribution: Video hosting platforms enable you to distribute your video content to a wider audience. You can share your videos on social media platforms, embed them on your website, or even send them to clients and customers.

Storage: Video hosting platforms provide secure and reliable storage for your videos. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing your videos due to hard drive failure or other issues.

Streaming: Video hosting platforms use streaming technology to deliver your videos to viewers in real-time. This means that viewers can watch your videos without having to wait for the entire video to download.

Analytics: Video hosting platforms often provide analytics tools that allow you to track how your videos are performing. This data can help you improve your video content and reach a larger audience.

Best Video Hosting Platforms


An all-in-one video platform is provided by HubSpot. In the end, time and money are better spent elsewhere than hopping between programmes, figuring out integrations, and paying for supplemental services. You can acceVideo Hostingss all of your videos and other content with HubSpot in one location.

HubSpot gives advertisers the option to post videos to their site. Afterwards, it will be simple to add them to your website’s pages, blog articles, and social media channels to entice visitors and keep them there.

HubSpot enables you to create tailored one-on-one videos for your sales team to send to prospects and guide them through your sales funnel. Users of the Service Hub can also use video for tutorials and ticket replies.


Another company-focused video hosting service is SproutVideo. It includes a number of tools that marketing teams may use to monitor engagement and expand their consumer base. Using it, you can add customisable video players and ad-free videos to your website. You can switch between including CTAs, lead collection forms, and social sharing buttons in your videos. They also have options for live streaming. You can also create playlists for tutorial series and online courses, in contrast to some of the other options available.

Hippo Video

A tool for using video in marketing, sales, and service activities is called Hippo Video. Hippo Video separates its product into various services for marketing, sales, services, and internal communications, in contrast to Wistia and SproutVideo. Hippo Video is a fantastic option if you wish to use video for one of these particular objectives.

It is a cloud-based solution with workflow and personalisation options as well. Larger firms may be able to use video more efficiently because of these advantages.

Customers can send video tickets to Hippo Video’s customer service department, and you can reply with your own videos. To reduce your wait time, you can also provide video instructions.


Prior to 2020, this website hosted videos under the name vooPlayer. Several video marketing solutions are included in this all-in-one platform. The common problems small businesses have with video marketing are addressed by their tools. These services allow companies the option to customise and secure their movies. To satisfy particular business demands, this platform also provides capabilities like automations and embedding.

Your brand can be promoted to website visitors and leads using their platform’s marketing tools and integrations.


For many, the name “YouTube” is synonymous with online video. Several online businesses that create and distribute films turn to YouTube because of its ubiquitous nature.

No matter how many videos you post or how many times they are seen, using it is totally free. Each company may start a channel for their brand, increase their subscriber base, and try to increase their visibility among YouTube’s vast user base.

For content creators trying to build a presence online, YouTube is a fantastic choice. However, those looking to use video for lessons, lead generation, and instructive content should think about premium services.

The best Video Hosting Solution is Voomly and you can Voomly Coupon Code to save extra bucks.