Business Registration

Types of Business Registration Available as per Indian Laws

In Today’s scenario, there is lot of confusion amongst Prospective Entrepreneur, New Business Owner, and Students regarding what type of Business Registration is suitable for them to start with. In the article, we will help you to understand what exactly Business Registration is and how many types of Business Registration options are available in India.


This is the most common Business Registration available in India for small Business Owner or single business owner who do not want any transparency or sharing in their business with anyone. This is the type of registration in which the owner have limited capital and resources and do not want to indulge itself in compliances. There is no such department or law which governs it or provide any certificate for registration but to register it, one will have to register in either MSME or GST. In proprietorship, the owner cannot apply for the new PAN Card but his/her individual pan card will be used in all compliances. The tax applicable in case of proprietorship will be the tax slab available for an individual.


This is one-step ahead of Proprietorship as it is the type of Business, which can be started between two or more partners. As such, there is no such compliances in this form of business except annual Income Tax Return and GST Returns (if taken registration). There is no compulsion on partners to register their partnership with Sub-registrar of their city but it is preferable in case of any dispute between partners and it is governed by Partnership Act. Unlike Proprietorship, a new PAN Card will be issued to the partnership from which they can start their other compliances and it comes under highest tax slab of 30% of Income Tax Act.

One Person Company

This is not such a popular type of Business Form as it is a combination of Pvt Ltd Company and Proprietorship. A single owner/Proprietor makes OPC by registering in MCA as a Pvt Ltd Company. As far as compliances are concerned, OPC is governed by Companies Act and all the compliances mentioned in Companies Act will have to be met by OPC including Compulsory annual Audit by a Chartered Accountant.

Limited Liability Partnership

This is the extended version of Partnership. To register the LLP, one will have to make application in MCA with all the documents and details of partners. It is governed by Limited Liability Partnership Act so all the annual compliances mentioned in the said act will have to be met by LLP. It comes under highest tax slab of Income Tax, i.e., 30% (thirty percent)

Pvt Ltd Company

This is the most popular or recognized form of Business Registration amongst Banks, Investor, Entrepreneurs. This is the most preferable business form in context of Startup seeking funding from Investors. It is governed by Companies act like OPC and all the compliances including Annual Audit will have to be met by the Company. In terms of Compliances, this is the most difficult form of Business in which every event or task is performed by filling form to MCA but considering a long term view for the Business, tax benefit is allowed to them in comparison to other forms of registration which makes it more beneficial for the entrepreneur.

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