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CFA Level 1 Preparation Classes: Is It Worth Enrolling?

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) is one of the most prestigious investment management designations awarded to those who have achieved the gold standard in the field of investment analysis. It is a globally recognized designation granted by the CFA institute. Candidates pursuing this designation must excel in subjects like accounting,  money management, ethics, security analysis, etc.

To earn the CFA designation, one must appear and clear the three-level exams and fulfill certain working experience criteria as set out by the CFA institute. The CFA is a distance learning program that is best described as a self-study. However, the level of difficulty in the CFA course structure and curriculum demands candidates to take proper guidance from the beginning such as professional CFA level 1 preparation classes.

Talking about level 1 of the CFA program, the syllabus focuses on basic knowledge of investment valuation and portfolio management concepts and the competency to use relevant investment tools. This section of the CFA program discusses ethical and professional standards, wealth planning, investment tools, etc. in detail. So, the candidates must plan their preparation schedule smartly to ensure that they are able to cover most of the extensive CFA curriculum.

Why professional guidance is important?

The CFA course demands 300 hours of commitment from its aspirants. Yes, that’s right. An aspiring CFA candidate must have in-depth knowledge of finance and other relevant topics to be able to crack the three levels of the exam. The CFA program is designed in a certain way that tests not only the candidate’s knowledge but also their patience, sincerity, and will.

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Although one can find ample resources on the official CFA website to prepare for the exams, many a time, they are not sufficient. A majority of the candidates fail in their CFA level 1 preparation despite giving their 100%. Well, is it because of their incapability? No, certainly not. Given the extensive syllabus of the CFA exam, students need to have the right approach to appear in the exams.

Having the right knowledge is important but being able to comprehend it in practical scenarios is equally important. This fits in appropriately for the CFA exams. It is with professional guidance and approaches that candidates can attempt and clear the exams. A mentor will make the concepts easier to understand and assure focused learning for students.

Why enroll in CFA level 1 preparation classes?

As said earlier, despite being a self-study program, it is difficult to crack the CFA exams owing to the vast syllabus and tricky exam structure. Candidates who wish to clear the exams successfully can always take the help of professional mentors and CFA level 1 preparation classes that equip candidates with the right toolkit to pass the exams.

If you are still wondering whether or not these preparation classes help, the following listed are some top reasons why enrolling in a CFA level 1 course is worth your time, money, and effort.

  • In-depth coverage

One of the top ways in which preparation classes are helpful for students is the in-depth topic discussions. Most of the CFA level 1 courses are designed by qualified finance professionals and CFA charterholders who make sure that each topic is covered thoroughly during their classes. Hence, there are negligible chances of missing out on important topics.

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  • Focused learning

The CFA level 1 syllabus is vast; not every portion of it is as important as the others. Hence, instead of wasting time in understanding the not-so-important topics, candidates must focus on the most important ones that can fetch them more marks. Professional tutors analyze the updated curriculum each session and help candidates to study smartly.

  • Self-paced preparation

One of the most important things while CFA level 1 preparation is to make a study plan that makes learning quick and easier. Usually, a professional guide helps candidates indulge in self-paced learning, ensuring that they grasp, process, and retain information based on their abilities. So, instead of rushing aimlessly, candidates can study well and secure good marks.

  • Ample practice sessions

Practice makes perfect. This phrase stands true in the case of CFA exams as well. Although there are multiple practice papers and resources available online, these preparation courses offer ample mock tests and practice sessions to ensure that you are fully prepared to appear and clear the level 1 exam. Also, these practice sessions are tailored to focus on topics that you struggle with the most.

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Final Note

The CFA program is designed and structured to test the candidates for skills that are most relevant to finance and investment professions. It is a designation awarded to candidates who excel in the finance industry’s highest ethical and professional standards. Hence, if you are aiming for this designation, make sure to bring in a vast array of relevant skills, knowledge, and will. With hard work, dedication, and guidance, one can crack the CFA exams and pursue flourishing careers ahead.