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How Simple Is It to Enter the Ketosis State?
The Top Keto Food Delivery Services That We’ve Discovered Online

These meal delivery plans make it easy to follow the ketogenic diet, which is currently one of the trendiest meal plans, but getting started on it can be challenging.

THE KETO DIET is more popular than ever before, and it boasts a long number of purported health benefits (as well as a meal plan in which you are not required to give up cheese). Keto, which was initially developed in the 1920s as a method of treating persistent disorders such as epilepsy, is today one of the most popular mainstream diet plans, gaining in popularity alongside others such as Whole30 and Paleo.

You could be under the impression that all it takes to get your body into ketosis is to make some changes to your eating habits and you’ll be good to go (a state where you start burning fat for energy instead of carbs). Yet, it could appear impossible to give up all of that bread and change the way your body operates for a sufficient amount of time to get over the feared keto flu hump, or even to know how long it takes to even go into ketosis.

The good news is that going keto is now simpler than it has ever been, and the most effective keto meal delivery services and ebooks may help simplify the process by supplying you with sufficient high-fat, low-carb meals so that you won’t have to worry about meal preparation. The monotony of eating the same meals over and over can be alleviated with the help of low-carb meal delivery packages that are specifically designed for the ketogenic diet. They are able to provide you with a plan that is more nutritionally filled and prevent you from simply subsisting on meat and cheese throughout the day (though we won’t lie and say it doesn’t sound good).

We’ve got you covered even if you have no idea how to get started with the keto diet. Everything you need to know about the keto diet, including how astonishingly easy it is to follow with the appropriate advice, is provided here. (Remember that we are not trained medical professionals; therefore, it is best to contact with your primary care physician or a nutritionist to determine whether or not going keto is appropriate for your health.)

What Exactly Is a Ketogenic Diet?
When followed religiously, the keto diet can put your body into a metabolic condition known as ketosis, in which your body becomes accustomed to burning more fat for fuel. At its most fundamental level, the keto diet is nothing more than a meal plan that is low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Most people acquire 70–80 percent of their daily calories from fat, 20–25 percent from protein, and none from sugar, which you will need to eliminate from your diet. This is the case if you follow the conventional diet.

Because there is a wide variety of approaches to ketosis (and a lot of research discussing which ones are the most effective), it is up to you to pick which one is going to work best with the way you live your life. You don’t have to keep meticulous tabs on everything if you don’t want to; there’s something called “lazy keto” that’s a lot less severe and just requires you to watch your carbohydrate intake. Alternatively you might try the “cyclical keto” diet, which involves alternating the days on which you eat carbs. Even yet, the following is often comprised of everything that is considered part of the package: Meats, fish, dark leafy greens, leafy greens, cheese, eggs, healthy fats (think avocado and olive oil), nuts, berries, and lots of water are all good choices.

How Simple Is It To Enter The State Of Ketosis?
Is there a straightforward method that can quickly put your body into a state of ketosis? In a nutshell: both yes and no. In order for your body to enter ketosis, you will need to keep careful track of your macronutrient consumption and adhere to stringent restrictions about the amount of carbohydrates you consume. Yet, a great number of businesses have significantly simplified this change by offering ready-to-eat meal delivery services that present the macros in advance (or let you adjust meal macros based on your needs).

To assist you in making it through the day and to ensure that your body remains in ketosis, others have offered keto-friendly snacks and beverages. You can also get some of the finest keto recipes online in the form of ebooks, such as this popular package that is offered by KetoConnect. If you want to try your hand at keto cooking in your own kitchen, you can find some of the greatest keto recipes online.

However, it can take anywhere from two to four days for ketosis to begin, so having meals prepared in advance might make it much simpler to stick to a ketogenic diet and lifestyle.

Where Can I Get the Most Reliable Keto Meal Delivery Services?
There is no shortage of meal delivery services that can assist you in removing the guesswork associated with the ketogenic diet. A nutritionist or a chef has picked the recipes for the meal plans that are included in our top recommendations, so that you may get keto meals quickly. When you go food shopping, you won’t need to worry about reading every nutrition label at the grocery store since you can just choose the plan that works best for you, and these firms will make and deliver meals right to your home, whether they are fresh or frozen. You can test out a box or a week’s worth of meals from many different providers for a reduced price, giving you the opportunity to find out for yourself which options work best for you.

  1. Territorial Foods, winner of the award for BEST OVERALL

Foodies will be overjoyed by the selections made available by Territory Foods because they provide some of the finest Keto-friendly ready-made meals that can be reheated in a microwave or oven and do not have the attributes of frozen TV dinners. Because it is prepared by freelance chefs who work out of local commercial kitchens, it is one of the freshest meal deliveries that we have tried. We give credit for this to the company’s independent chefs.

You will have ten different menus to choose from, including several “Keto” options, with menus that rotate weekly and keep the focus on locally sourced ingredients that are sourced in a sustainable manner (keep in mind that your menu may differ depending on the time of year and where you are located as well). They also accommodate a wide variety of dietary requirements, such as vegan, vegetarian, and low-carb meal plans, in the event that there are not enough keto-specific options for you to choose from.

Where Territory Foods really shines is in its ability to provide meals of restaurant quality that cover a wide range of regional cuisines and cultural traditions from all around the world, while while maintaining a primary focus on satisfying macro dietary needs. While you are making your diet, you have the ability to change your macros and calories using a slider; nevertheless, there are always options that are flavorful and interesting. Imagine something more along the lines of a “Mushroom Asado Bowl” rather than a boring baked chicken atop mashed cauliflower.

You can choose to have six, 12, or 18 meals delivered each week, and there are over 35+ different meal selections available each week. You may have the meals delivered fresh twice a week to participating gyms for a cost between $8 and $9, or you can have them delivered straight to your door. If you are just beginning your keto journey, Territory Foods will serve as your very own personal chef and guide you every step of the way.

    When it comes to organic keto meals, Fresh N’ Lean is at the head of the pack because to its concentration on natural ingredients, free-range meats, and fish that has been procured in an environmentally responsible manner. Because each meal is delivered fresh and is never frozen, you won’t have to be concerned about the quality of the food, and you can rest assured that you won’t be living off of meals from the freezer.

Their menu was deliberately prepared, and it was designed with specific nutritional goals in mind, so it is very helpful for people who are following the keto diet (think athletes). Their selection of menus includes keto, vegan, paleo, high-protein, and low-carb options (including an entire low-carb vegan menu if you’re doing both keto and vegan at the same time). You have the ability to eliminate up to three ingredients from your Fresh n’ Lean plan, whether it be because of a dietary constraint or simply because you don’t like a particular ingredient.

Do you feel like your non-keto meals might use a little more protein? The “bulk” add-ons that Fresh N’ Lean offers will take care of all of your needs. On the other hand, if you go with a standard plan, you can choose to receive up to three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for a period of 5 or 7 days, or you can select individual meals from their a la carte menu.

The menu is different every week, but the exact meal plans won’t allow you to change any meals in particular. But, if you are serious about sticking to the plan, this can actually help you stay in ketosis longer by preventing you from deviating too far from the prescribed diet. Fresh N’ Lean is a good option for those who value consistency and desire precise macronutrient breakdowns, despite the fact that the culinary variety isn’t as extensive as that offered by other services (they focus primarily on cuisines from the Mediterranean and Latin America).


It is one of the most convenient methods to eat keto if you are busy and don’t even want to worry about meal prep. It is crafted by in-house dietitians and chefs and is one of the ways that you can eat keto. If you go with a specific ketogenic menu, you will have freshly prepared meals delivered to your house, and all you will need to do to consume them is give them a quick reheat whenever you are hungry.

The menu changes every week, but they always have seven keto meals available each week that are packed with nutrients. In addition, they provide paleo, dairy-free, and low-carb options. With dishes like their Spicy Turkey Poblano Bowl and Parmesan Pesto Chicken, which are full of flavour without being overly difficult, Factor strikes the perfect balance between the originality of its menu and the ease with which its ingredients may be prepared. Just getting started with the keto diet? When you join to Factor, you will also receive a free nutrition consultation lasting twenty minutes. This will help you reach the results you want.

We also enjoy that Factor provides add-ons, such as keto desserts, smoothies, and snacks, so that you have more options to satiate your hunger during the day in addition to the organised meal plan that you have purchased. On the other hand, the plan is a subscription service, but you are free to suspend or terminate your membership at any moment. You have the option of selecting four, six, eight, 12, or 18 meals per week (you get a bigger discount the more meals you order, and bonus: shipping is free). Because eating keto doesn’t need to be more complicated than getting organic, delicious meals with just a few simple clicks, Factor removes the element of uncertainty from the process and makes it easier for you to follow.

  1. Green Chef: BEST MEAL KIT

Green Chef provides the perfect meal kit for you if you are someone who wants to prepare all of your meals from scratch but does not want to continuously searching “what ingredients are keto-friendly?” on your phone while you are shopping for groceries. Green Chef provides you with all of the ingredients and recipes you need to make fantastic keto dinners while cutting the amount of time you spend preparing them in half. This is in contrast to the majority of other keto-friendly meal delivery services, which offer pre-portioned meals that are ready to be heated.

Although the menu at Green Chef changes every week, you can rest assured that each dish is made with natural and organic components. Although they provide a “Keto-Paleo” menu, which includes ketogenic selections, this does not imply that their other options are limited in variety (example: Memphis-Style Pork Patties and Korean Beef Bulgogi). There are nine dishes included each week, and regardless of the plan you select, the emphasis throughout is on plant-based meals that are loaded with vegetables.

One thing to keep in mind is that when I tested a box, I was disappointed to find that several of the sauces were already prepared (since the only premade aspect of other kits are usually garnishes). If you are limiting your sodium intake, which can go a little bit high for some dishes, you may also want to check out the recipe’s macros to see what they consist of. This level of convenience, however, is unrivalled for a service that is offered on a subscription basis.

You can select meals for two, four, or six people, depending on the size of your family, or you can choose between three and four meals per week. Green Chef is the best keto-friendly meal kit available, whether you’re looking to learn how to prepare some amazing keto meals or you’re just trying to get your preparation out of the way.

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