rubber flooring rolls

rubber flooring rolls: A Versatile Choice for Resilient Uses

Rubber flooring is a versatile option that fits well in various settings. The highly resilient and cushioning surface of the rubber floors makes them ideal for gyms, healthcare facilities, playgrounds, etc. Not just that, rubber flooring rolls and tiles are available in multiple designs, colors, and sizes, making them suitable for the decor of any space.

The material rubber itself comes with an array of inherent advantages. As a result, more and more people are switching to rubber flooring for the high-traffic areas of their properties. Unlike in the past, the use of rubber flooring is no longer limited to commercial sites only. Instead, residential property owners have begun installing rubber flooring owing to their characteristics like high resilience, durability, and easy maintenance.

Rubber flooring is widely used in commercial gyms, play areas, garages, laundry rooms, gardens & patios, etc. The floors in any hard-wearing environment will likely experience heavy traffic, impact, and weathering abuse. Hence, the flooring should be done using highly resistant materials that can withstand extreme impact and wear.

Rubber floors and EVA foam mats are popular in the durable and hard-wearing flooring category. Let’s find out more about rubber flooring and what makes it a versatile choice.

Rubber flooring rolls or tiles?

If you’ve been out shopping for rubber flooring, chances are that you must have been faced with an important decision i.e. rubber flooring rolls or tiles. Well, while both these have the same properties and characteristics, their purpose and application in different locations distinguish them from one another.

Hence, when you choose between flooring rolls and tiles, the decision should be made after understanding the pros and cons of both rubber flooring products. Doing so will help you make an informed purchase and get the best value for money.

As discussed earlier, both rubber products are very much similar in their properties; however, it is their diverse utility that makes one preferred over the other. For instance, if you need rubber flooring for a small space, rubber tiles are the best option. These tiles come in interlocking patterns that are easy to install and can be laid in any space.

On the other hand, rubber flooring rolls are the best option if your requirement is for large and high-traffic areas. These rolls offer ample area coverage and are locked in place to ensure a secure fit. Moreover, the rubber flooring roll provides a seamless appearance and is perfect for areas that experience high-intensity traffic.

Benefits of rubber flooring

Rubber flooring has become a popular choice due to its unique and high-resistance properties, making them perfect for a wide range of settings.

Contrary to the common misconception that rubber flooring is expensive and hard to maintain, these flooring rolls are highly affordable and a great long-term investment. Don’t believe it? Here are some key benefits of rubber flooring that justify the worth of buying rubber flooring rolls for your home.

  • High durability

It is the natural elasticity of the rubber material that makes the floors highly durable and resilient. Hence, these floors can withstand a high volume of foot traffic and offer resistance against water, stains, and other objects. This is also why most commercial and home gym areas are found to install rubber flooring as they can handle heavy objects and pressure without getting damaged or dented.

  • Easy maintenance

Maintenance and upkeep are relatively easy in the case of rubber flooring. Since these floors are resistant to water and stains, they can be easily cleaned using mild detergent and wipes. Regular vacuuming and moping are sufficient to keep the floors clean and hygienic. Also, it is essential to avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning as they can damage rubber flooring surfaces.

  • Comfort

Comfort is another key benefit of installing rubber flooring rolls. Since rubber offers a soft cushioning surface that has excellent impact absorption quality, the chances of fatigue and injuries are reduced to great extents. The rubber floors also provide traction that prevents slipping and accidents that are more likely on solid surfaces. And not to forget, rubber flooring offers some degree of thermal insulation that keeps the floors warm and comfortable.

  • Eco-friendly

Rubber flooring rolls are manufactured from materials that are highly renewable in nature, making them eco-friendly and a sustainable choice. In most cases, the flooring tiles and rolls are also made of recycled materials such as regrounded rubber tires. As a result, the dumps in landfills are reduced, making for a perfect and comfortable floor surface. Rubber flooring materials can be used for a variety of applications in outdoor spaces like play areas, swimming pool areas, patios, etc.

Final Note

Strong, rough, and resilient are the key defining characteristics of rubber flooring rolls. Given that the floors fit ideally in the space and are installed properly, they can last upto years without any replacements. Regardless of the high durability of floors, these rubber rolls have a soft and cushioned surface that assures great safety and comfort.

Also, quite often, people get confused between rubber flooring and EVA foam while looking for a durable and comfortable flooring option. While EVA foam mats work fine as a temporary pick, nothing beats rubber flooring in terms of performance and comfort.