Log in to your official PayGOnline account at www.PayGOnline.com.

Log in to your official PayGOnline account at www.PayGOnline.com.

The official AT&T portal for PayGOnline is available at www.paygonline.com. Here, consumers can examine their current bill for their AT&T prepaid account and make any outstanding payments. Users of the platform can also upgrade AT&T services like landline, mobile, internet, and U-verse.

If you don’t already have one, you need sign up for a PayGOnline account. On the www.paygonline.com website, account registration can be completed without any complications. Using the PayGOnline platform, you can also purchase feature packs, view plan details, view account history, etc.

The AT&T Prepaid service, formerly known as AT&T GoPhone, enables interested parties to purchase an AT&T phone and service without entering into a contract. In addition to not requiring a yearly contract, the AT&T Prepaid service offers simple activation and no credit check.

The AT&T Prepaid plans range in price from $30 per month for 5GB of high-speed internet and unlimited call and texting to $75 per month for unlimited high-speed internet.

About AT&T Prepaid Monthly and Daily Plans GoPhone

The AT&T Prepaid plans are available on a daily basis, with a $2 daily fee for the days you actually use the service. You can make as many calls and send as many SMS messages as you want for $2. A further $1 will bring you 100MB of AT&T mobile data.

A usage-based subscription plan is also available, where you pay 25 cents for each voice minute, 20 cents for each SMS, and 1 cent for each KB of mobile internet utilised. People wishing to use the AT&T Prepaid Go Phone service for emergencies will find this to be extremely helpful.

A usage-based subscription plan is also available, where you pay 25 cents for each voice minute, 20 cents for each SMS, and 1 cent for each KB of mobile internet utilised. People wishing to use the AT&T Prepaid Go Phone service for emergencies will find this to be extremely helpful.

Additionally, there are a few online-only deals available for AT&T Prepaid users, particularly for those who don’t mind paying for future months in advance. You can get 8GB of mobile data per month for for $99 if you select the three-month advance payment option. If you pay for the same plan six months in advance, it costs $180; if you pay for it a year in advance, it costs $300.

Therefore, picking a payment plan by paying the membership fee in advance will provide you the best discount on the overall plan cost if you are aware of your consumption demands.

The PayGOnline Portal: What Is It?

Customers of AT&T Prepaid (AT&T GoPhone) can benefit greatly from the official AT&T portal, PayGOnline, as we said in the introduction.

Each AT&T Prepaid user will have a personal login account within the AT&T PayGOnline portal where they may check all the details of the plan they are currently enrolled to. The portal also offers the choice to renew the current plan if its validity has run out or expired, as well as the opportunity to upgrade or modify the current plan if the consumer so desires.

How Do I Create an Account with PayGOnline?

The procedures to register for an account on AT&T’s www.paygonline.com portal are listed below.

  • Access www.paygonline.com using your preferred web browser.
  • Once the website has loaded, select “Forgot Password / New User” from the menu that appears below the blue “Sign in” button.
  • Wait for the new website to fully load.
  • Once the page has loaded, you will see a form, into which you must first input the 10-digit wireless number connected to your AT&T prepaid account.
  • After finishing step 4, tick the box next to “Request Online Password”. Don’t tick the box next to the “Request 4-digit PIN” option.
  • Type the verification phrase in the text field provided as shown in the box above.
  • Click on the “Send Temporary Password” option.

Once you finish step 7, a temporary password will be sent to the 10-digit wireless number you provided in step 4.

Do note that the temporary password will be sent to the wireless number as well as the email address associated with the wireless number. If you’re a wireless home phone customer, then you will receive a voice call anytime between 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM on Monday till Saturday. If on a Sunday, then you’ll receive the call between 12:00 PM till 09:00 PM.

How Do I Sign Into PayGOnline?

Once you’ve signed up for a PayGOnline.com account, you can use your new login information to access the site. The steps you must take to finish the PayGOnline.com login process are listed below.

  • Enter the website www.paygonline.com into your browser.
  • You will see the login form where you must enter your password for your PayGOnline account along with your 10-digit wireless number. Enter the identical.
  • The “Sign in” option should be clicked after completing step 2.

You only need to do that. You will have immediate access to your PayGOnline account if you have provided the right wireless number and password combination.

Additionally, you will need to reset your password if you logged into your PayGOnline account using the temporary password for security reasons. If you aren’t prompted to do so when you first log in, you can manually access the “Change Password” option in your profile to change your password.

Android and iOS apps for the AT&T Prepaid Go Phone

Unfortunately, there is currently no official iOS or Android app available for AT&T Prepaid subscribers. On the other hand, if you’re an AT&T postpaid subscriber, you may get the myAT&T app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS, respectively, and download, install, and use it.

Download links for myAT&T for iOS and Android are available here.

Make sure you are only downloading the official AT&T programme if you are directly searching for the myAT&T app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The name of the developer account for the myAT&T app on iOS and Android will be “AT&T Services, Inc.”

Support for PayGOnline customers

The official website created by AT&T to serve its customers who have prepaid plans with the carrier is located at www.paygonline.com. The PayGOnline website will meet all of your needs if you have AT&T Prepaid service or are an AT&T Go Phone user

Now, as you use the PayGOnline portal, you could have certain questions or issues for which you’d need an official response. You can get in touch with the AT&T Prepaid customer service team in these circumstances to get your problem addressed and resolved in the best way possible.


Customers of AT&T Prepaid frequently utilise the www.paygonline.com website to obtain all the information and services they require in order to conveniently use their AT&T Prepaid subscriptions. The Pay Online website is currently the sole useful resource available to AT&T prepaid subscribers as the myAT&T programme doesn’t truly cater to these consumers.

You will undoubtedly have many inquiries about the features, functionalities, and advantages of the AT&T PayGOnline website if you are also a new user of the platform. We’ll go through some of the frequently asked questions about the PayGOnline AT&T Prepaid customer website in this article so you can make better use of the portal.

FAQ for PayGOnline

How can I open a PayGOnline account?

You can establish a new PayGOnline account by going to www.paygonline.com and selecting the “Forgot Password / New User” option to start the registration process.

How can I check the text texts my child has received?

It is not feasible to look through your child’s SMS messages. However, you can use AT&T’s content filter tools to block the apps that your child accesses on their Smartphone.

How to fix PayGOnline if it’s not working?

Make sure your device is linked to an internet network and that the internet is active or functioning in that connection before attempting to access the PayGOnline website. Once that has been confirmed, try opening a new browser tab or selecting a different browser to try loading the website once more. If that doesn’t help either, try clearing your web browser’s cookies and cache.

Do AT&T Prepaid and AT&T interchangeably?

The same mobile carrier network is utilised by AT&T Prepaid and AT&T. The main distinction between AT&T Postpaid and AT&T Prepaid is that with AT&T Postpaid, you pay after utilising your service for the current month and after the bill is generated. With AT&T Prepaid, you pay for your plan activation in advance.

If none of the suggestions work, contact PayGOnline customer service for more help with your problem.

How Can I Get My PayGOnline Password Back?

If you can’t remember your AT&T PayGOnline.com account password, go to www.paygonline.com and select “Forgot Password” from the menu that appears below the “Sign in” button. When you click “Forgot Password,” you will be directed to a page with instructions on how to reset or recover your PayGOnline.com password.